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We're excited to share with you some of the accommodation camps we've helped to transform.
October 4th 2023
Western Power Depot, Forrestdale

Western Power – what a project! Doesn’t this new space look incredible? The client approached us with the original floor…

September 3rd 2023
BHP South Flank – Mulla Mulla Village Tavern

After the successful revamp of the Spinifex Tavern, our client reached out again for Mulla Mulla Tavern. The client was looking…

July 3rd 2022
Goldfields St Ives Communal Kitchen

Our client approached us wanting to make their communal kitchen more inviting for their employees. They sent through a floor…

July 3rd 2022
Spinifex Tavern

The new Spinifex Tavern! Now looking modern and inviting. We were approached by a representative to update the Spinifex café/tavern…