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Sustainability and Minesite Furniture

At Minesite furniture we understand the importance of sustainability and are constantly looking for ways to improve our environmental plan. As a company, and as individuals, we are in full support of the preservation of natural and historical resources, as well as the social and economic sustainability through our prioritisation of work culture and the supporting local charities in our community.

Environmental Sustainability

As a company, we are aware of the effects carbon has on the environment, and therefore we are doing what we can to support the cause and reduce our carbon footprint.

We believe that we should all be doing our part to not only reduce negative impacts, but to make a positive difference. This is why we have partnered with Carbon Neutral and their Plant-A-Tree program. Carbon neutral is a company that we are strongly stand behind, they keep us accountable by providing data on our carbon footprint which allows us to continue developing programs to reduce and offset our emissions.

Social Sustainability

Minesite Furniture’s culture is built on trust, transparency and flexibility in an effort to create a culture that supports each and every staff member. At Minesite Furniture we encourage our team to grow and support them to feel a sense of ownership over the company. Through trust, transparency and flexibility, we are able to maintain a great company culture, which has resulted in an office filled with fun, laughter and a whole lot of passion for our industry.

Economic Sustainability

We see economic sustainability as both a businesses ability to remain profitable, as well as conducting business in a way that doesn’t take advantage of people economically. As a business we have been around for more that 15 years. Our team is passionate about remaining agile, we adapt quickly to market changes and strive to lead change in a productive, cost-effective way. However (and very importantly) we believe that as a business it is our duty to ensure that the people keeping this company moving are also looked after. We strive to provide products that are either locally manufactured or imported from ethical businesses abroad. Through years of development and building relationships we are proud to work along side both local and foreign businesses that support their employees with good working conditions, liveable wages, and economic agency.

What Minesite Furniture is doing towards a Sustainable Future

Our company has partnered with Carbon Neutral and the Plant-A-Tree program to do our own bit in creating a sustainable future. This program is directed at developing the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor located in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt Region to help reduce salinity, soil erosion and water waste. Minesite Furniture has committed to having 600 trees planted in this area. Our trees are also helping restore the native flora and fauna in the area. Put simply, we are actively working towards leaving our backyard in a better shape for the future generation.